By Alexis Wolfer

Get stronger and more conditioned, with no equipment, in no time flat! Celebrity trainer Gina Lombardi shows us how with her Pressed for Time Workout that has us (as well as both Sally Pressman and Catherine Bell, from Army Wives, feeling fit and fabulous – fast!

4 Celebrity-Trusted Fitness Tips!

The Pressed for Time Workout

Cardio Intervals (3 times per week, when you have about 45 minutes):

30 minutes of cardiovascular intervals on the treadmill, elliptical or stair-climber. (Don’t have access to a gym? Try jumping jacks or jumping rope.) Warm-up for 5 minutes, at an easy pace.  Do 30 minutes in a training range of 50-85% of your maximum heart rate, spending 2 minutes at the high end of the range followed by a 1-minute recovery at the low end of the range. Repeat this sequence 10 times, for a total of 30 minutes. End with a 5-minute cool down, at an easy pace or until you feel you are no longer breathing hard.

Do you know why intervals are the best way to train?

The “24” ARMY Workout (3 times per week, when you only have 20 minutes)

24 lunges each side
24 pushups
24 mountain climbers (click here to learn how to do them!)
24 Bicycle crunches
24 Step Ups on a chair or 24 wide stance squats (add jumps to make more challenging)
24 V-Crunches, raising your knees to meet your elbows

This series takes about 6 minutes. Repeat this sequence for whatever amount of time you have on these days. Twice through if you have 15 minutes, 3 times through for 20 minutes, etc.

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