7 Ways To Get Your Fitness Goals Back on Track

7 Fitness Trends To Reboot Your Goals

By Savannah Hemmings

If you vowed to improve your health and physical fitness and you’re stuck in a slump, don’t give up just yet. Furthermore, there are plenty of new fitness trends that are sure to give your workout regimen a jolt.

Read on to find what fitness trends most intrigue you, add them to your schedule, and soon enough you’ll be rocking the healthy body and mind that you dream of.

7 Fall Fitness Trends

Barre Workouts.
Barre workouts have gained popularity, and for good reason: They combine elements of yoga, Pilates and ballet moves in order to create lean muscles and boost your flexibility. Fall is the perfect time to try out this whole-body workout, too: You can head to a studio on rainy, windy or chilly days when your outdoor workout isn’t happening. Want more info? Click here.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and your new workout will be just that: a burst of high-intensity performance of a specific move or circuit, followed by a bit of rest or a set of reparative moves. As the days get shorter in fall, HIIT makes the perfect addition to your busy schedule since it typically takes a half-hour or less. Here’s how to get started.

Treadmill Classes.
Many people would consider a ride on the recumbent bike boring, but a spin class? No way. That could be what has inspired fitness centers across the nation to create treadmill classes, where exercisers sprint, walk, climb, and do intervals under the guidance of a group-fitness instructor. Just like spin classes, most treadmill classes incorporate fun music and lighting so you barely remember you’re on the run. No treadmill classes at your local gym? Try this to make your outdoor runs more fun instead.

Group Personal Training.
Gone are the days of personal, personal training. In 2015, many fitness professionals have extended their training services to partners and groups of exercisers. That way, exercisers can learn and perform a personalized workout, but also cut costs by sharing sessions with friends or gym buddies. You’ll also benefit from the camaraderie of the group environment, but, unlike group fitness classes, the teacher will be able to help you fix your form if you’re off. It’s a win-win for all.

Sober Raves.
It might seem like a contradiction, but sober raves are two words that go together in 2015. Rather than indulge in a late-night party session, people have discovered just how fun a daytime rave can be. They ditch the drinks, too, opting instead for a dance party that’s not only a great cardio workout, but also an ideal place to meet fellow-minded fitness lovers. If you wanted to make new friends in ’15, you can kill two birds with one stone – often at 6am! Want to try it? Check out Daybreaker, or just invite some friends over and blast some tunes!

Explore the Outdoors.
Another great way to improve your lifestyle this fall is to spend more time outdoors. Our country has plenty of incredible places to camp, so determine where you want to go and hit the road (do these workouts in the car too for double duty!). There are plenty of benefits to being outside, too; while you recharge in the wilderness, you can explore new ways to exercise, such as hiking or rock climbing.

Find Balance.
Want to be happier and healthier? It’s all about balance, which can neither be found at your desk or ponding the pavement. So, hit snooze, have a (healthy) cookie for breakfast, and chill out. You’ll be more inspired to keep up your workout routine if you don’t overdo it. Plus, a balanced fall will lead to months and years of balance, so get on it now. This year won’t even know what hit it.