If you’re looking to boost your fitness routine, staying hydrated and fueled is key. Hydration, though, is about more than just water and fuel is about more than just calories. Make sure you’re getting these essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes in your diet and you’ll be hitting the pavement, pedals, weights or mat faster than you can say “Beauty Bean!”

Electrolytes. Potassium and sodium are important for regulating your heart rate and your body’s circulation both while you’re working out and after. And when you sweat, well, we all know that it’s not just water that comes out of those pores (or that guy who’s always next to us on the bike wouldn’t smell like booze during his workouts!). You don’t need to reach for a sugary sports drink, though, to get your electrolytes. Rather, load up on cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries or coconut water instead!

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Vitamin C. Orange juice does more than just help soothe the common cold. Rather, vitamin C rich foods also help to promote flexibility, maintain cartilage health and even help protect us from the sun’s harmful rays during our outdoor workouts. The best sources of vitamin C are also delicious pre-workout snacks too, so load us on watermelon, kiwis and oranges before (or after!) your summer sweat sessions!

Bromelain. Studies show evidence that bromelain, an enzyme, can help reduce inflammation and help repair muscle damage, making bromelain-rich pineapple an idea post-workout treat. Make a smoothie with pineapple, spinach and coconut water and you’ll be re-fueled for the next day’s workour in no time!

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EGCG. Epigallocatechin Gallate, or EGCG (and clearly we’re sticking with that because “Epigallocatechin Gallate” is just waaayy too hard to pronounce), is a powerful anti-inflammatory found in green tea. Look for a decaf brew and sip up throughout the day. You’ll not only give your body the anti-inflammatory benefits essential post-workout, but also get a metabolism boost too! Your body will thank you.

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