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We all want to increase the intensity of our workouts without spending more time at the gym. To help us get more bang for our buck (or bum, if you will), we turned to some of the nations hot trainers for their top fitness tips to help us cut time out time at the gym, amp up the intensity of our workouts and just get fitter, faster!

Interval Train. Whether you’re working on your cardio skills or strength training, alternate between high and low intensity moves. When strength training, alternate an intense move like squat jumps with a less intense move like regular squats. If you are doing cardio, do 1 minute of high intensity sprints followed by 1 minutes of a lower intensity jog or walk. ~ Nikki Tierney,
 A Healthy Balance Nutrition

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Do Supersets. Perform back-to-back exercises (alternating between upper and lower body exercises, if need be), with only 30 seconds rest between. This allows you to keep the intensity level high, without prematurely wearing out one muscle group and it’s a huge metabolic boost. ~ Raymond Desmarais, Core Results


Take Active Rests. After exercising one body part, instead of resting, immediately work another body part. This works to not only decrease you total time at the gym (while still completing the whole workout) but also keeps your heart rate elevated so that even during strength training exercises you will get some of the benefits of a cardiovascular workout, killing to birds with one stone. 
~ Stacy Berman, Stacy’s Bootcamp

Wear A Weighted Vest. Whether you’re doing cardio or strength training, a weighted vest will increase the intensity of any routine. And, because it adds weight to your body’s center of gravity, unlike when using hand or ankle weights, you’ll still feel balanced. ~ Matthew Basso, Iron Lotus Personal Training

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Get Off Balance. Standing on a stability disc or a bosu ball while doing weight training exercises adds an element of instability to any exercise, forcing you to use and strengthen more muscles ~ Phylice Kessler, Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

Stand Up. Do not sit or lay down to do your exercises. Instead, perform most exercises in a variety of standing positions to incorporate the involvement of other muscle groups, especially your core muscles. To really increase the intensity, change your stance often (try keeping your feet parallel then wide then stand on one leg, for example) to place different demands on the body than choosing one stance alone.
~ Rocky Snyder, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

One leg workouts!

Wear A Heart Rate Monitor. Your heart rate is a direct window into how your body is physiologically reacting to any given stress load. So, watching your heart rate allows you to know how “intense” your workout is 
and adjust accordingly.
 ~ Ryan Freilino,
 LifeWaves International

Crunch Harder. Do crunches on a ball, rather than on a stable surface like the floor or bench, in order to increase core engagement an get better results, within the same amount of time. ~ Stephanie Mansour, Step It Up with Steph

Put Your Hands Up. Do any exercises you can with your arms over your head. Overhead arm work always increased heart rate higher than if your arms were down. ~ Kelli Calabrese, 30 Day Detox Fat Burning Meal Plan

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