By Alexis Wolfer

Gina Lombardi is one of the most sought after fitness experts in the entertainment business. She’s the woman behind the bodies of too-many-to-count famous actors, musicians and television executives (including Andy Garcia, Catherine Bell, Isaac Hayes, Leah Remini, Val Kilmer, Beck and many, many more). She’s also the host of Fit Nation on the Discovery Channel’s FitTV, a regular columnist for Health Magazine, a member of Schick Quattro for Women’s Q-Squad (which is how we met her!) and has even been named the 2003 Personal Trainer Of The Year by the NSCA.

Here, she offers us 4 tips she tells all her celebrity clients:

Multi-Task. Want to get more from your weight training efforts? Stop doing moves that isolate single muscles (like biceps curls or calf raises) and, instead, go for exercises that move more than one muscle group at the same time (like squats and bench presses). Your body will get fit, faster – ramping up your fitness level and toning your body in no time!

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Jump. Looking for sexy, strong toned legs like J-Lo or Demi Moore? If you’re not seeing the results you once saw with your leg routine, set fire to your squats and lunges by adding another dimension: JUMPS. For example, after descending into your normal dumbbell squat, forcefully leap off the ground and land in a soft knee position. Immediately repeat that sequence for 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions.  You’ll beg for mercy, but your legs will reap the rewards.

Interval. Doing intervals or high intensity bouts of 30 to 60 seconds followed by lower intensity recovery intervals of 1-2 minutes will increase overall endurance training. Adding the arm handles on the elliptical or increasing the incline on the treadmill (and adding arm swings) will help to significantly increase your fitness level in the least amount of time!

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Drink Up. Sally Pressman, who plays the fiery Roxy LeBlanc on the hit series Army Wives on Lifetime, is no stranger to the gym. Already pretty fit and fabulous, she wanted to further increase her fitness routine. The winning trick: iced green tea. Sipped on throughout the day, it gave her an added burning boost as well as a powerful anti-oxidant rush!

For more of Gina’s tips, check out her book: Deadline Fitness: Tone Up and Slim Down When Every Minute Counts ($21.33)

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