Fun Fitness: 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Workout With Unique Equipment & Fun Accessories

By Chrissy Fink

If your fitness routine needs a springtime spruce-up, look no further! We found five ways to give your workout a bit of a boost with unique exercise equipment and affordable accessories.

5 Fun Ways To Spruce Up Your Workouts

The Slap-Watch, $19.95 at
With Slap-Watch, telling time and keeping track of your intervals has never been cooler. Made from silicone and available in an assortment of great colors, these light-weight rubber watches are both functional and fashionable. Plus, you can mix and the match bands and faces, perfect for those of us who like options (and who doesn’t?!).

Kangoo Jumps, $229.00 at
Need a bit more spring in its step? Well, these Kangoo Jumps will literally give it to you with their low-impact rebounding shoes that not only resemble high-tech moon shoes but also give you an out-of-this-world workout. Run, walk or take fitness class in these shoes and take your workout to new heights, literally.

The 24 minute jumping workout!

Stand Up Paddle Board, $785.00 at
If you live near water (sorry city-dwellers, large bathtubs don’t quite cut it) and have about $800 to spare (can you really put a price on fitness?!), stand-up paddle boarding is for you.  The instability created by balancing on the board engages your entire body while your get the arm benefits of rowing too. The rougher the water, the harder the workout, so start in a lake and work your way up!


Silver Towel, $19.99 at
Keep your workouts germ and odor free with this eco-friendly towel that uses state of the art nanotechnology to release silver ions to naturally eliminate oder-causing bacteria, without the use of harsh chemicals. Place it over your yoga mat next time you hit the studio and you can rest assures that you won’t be the one stinking up the joint.

We’re loving silver on our nails too! See our metallic must-haves here!

Reebok EasyTone Capri, $70.00 at
If you’re too busy to make it to the gym or are looking for an easy way to increase the intensity of the workouts you’re already doing, just change your pants. Throw on a pair of Reebok’s new EasyTone pants with their ResisTone Band technology and they instantly act like the resistance bands, for an added toning effect with every move you make! You can also wear them under your maxi skirts this summer to get a workout in without even realizing it.

Do these 4 leg-toning exercises in your EasyTones!