Fun Workout Routines To Try: Hopscotch

How To Hopscotch Your Way To Health

By Jessie Leventhal

What it is: You know, the childhood game you used to play during recess? Picture chalk-drawn boxes and start out standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Hop forward onto your right leg and then hop forward landing on both of your feet. Continue by hopping forward to the left leg and then landing on both feet again. Repeat this pattern.

Pilates + Boxing = THIS!

Why we love it: A quick (or long!) game of hopscotch is not only great for cardiovascular conditioning, but also an ideal way to increase your stability and balance. Plus, it’s fun, easy, suitable for all ages and can be done just as easily indoors or out, making it ideal for any weather conditions! Plus, you don’t need any equipment (other than maybe a piece of chalk – or masking tape if you’re playing indoors), so it’s economical too!

Where to try it: In your backyard, local park or even on the carpet in your home!

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