Get in Shape: 3 Things That May Be Holding You Back

Want To Get In Shape?

By Jessica Kupetz

We all have our reasons for not getting to the gym as many times as we swore we would in our New Year’s resolutions. No matter the excuses, it’s time to let go, get in shape, and move on to a healthier, more fit you.  So whether you’re intimated by the gym (or, more specifically, the people in it), full of countless reasons as to why your time is better spent doing any number of other things or you’re scared to try something new, we want to help you move above everything that’s holding you back from being the best version of yourself that you can be.

For many women, we’ve seen a pattern. Repeatedly, we hear the same 3 reasons why women are steering clear of the gym – and it’s not because they don’t want to go. So, today, we challenge you to:

Let go of preconceived notions.
When we picture a gym filled with picturesque models and flawless Adonis’s, we’ve already found excuses not to get our butts in gear to get in shape. The beauty of the gym, though, is that it is comprised of all shapes, sizes, dreams and aspirations; yet we share the same goal of strength and wellbeing. Of course, one gym may work better for you than another, but if you step foot in one gym that doesn’t meet your liking, on to the next! Large chain gyms provide an exceptional array of aerobics classes, usually filled with eager participants who can give you the motivation you need. Smaller gyms tend to fill themselves with innovative trainers who allow their creativity to shine in constructive, creative ways. For those females who prefer to, women-only gyms, they too are everywhere and provide an intimate, judgement free atmosphere. So, ask around; test them out, and don’t give yourself any excuses to prevent a healthier you.

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Let go of excuses.
One way to stay on track is to realize what held you back in the past. If you can recognize behaviors that deterred your successful transition into a healthier you, you can coordinate a better plan of attack. Avoiding the gym is easier when you work late nights and a facility is a bit out of the way. Once you start skipping work outs, it becomes easier to convince yourself that it’s okay to do so. Remember what it feels like to have a great, resilient work out? You feel like you can conquer the world! Recall that euphoric feeling and get it back! Try a gym closer to you or find an inspiring home workout DVD. Perhaps working out in the morning or splitting your workout throughout the day is your answer. Find what works for you and let excuses be a thing of the past. You’ll get in shape stat!

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Let go of self doubt.
The simple acknowledgement of needing a healthier lifestyle is a success. So, you fell of track in the past; who hasn’t? If something didn’t work for you, you’ve learned that that path doesn’t work for you. If you were looking to increase your aerobic endurance and the treadmill fixation lasted all of 3 weeks, take it outside! If pounding the pavement isn’t your forte, consider signing up for a spin class. The point is, if you understand your goals, the beauty is in finding your way to achieve them. It may take a little guess and test, but don’t let the past road blocks throw you off course.

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“Some think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.”
— Sylvia Robinson