How Fitness Pros Get Motivated To Workout

Wonder How The Pros Stay Motivated?

By Liz Dialto

Feeling like the thing you want to do it get your butt to the gym and break a sweat?

You’re not alone.

Even the fitness fanatics among us have lazy days that leave us wanting to do nothing more than roll over and hit snooze. So how do we get motivated for a workout even when we reallyreally don’t feel like it?

First, do a little body check: Inhale for five seconds, hold for one, exhale for five seconds, and repeat three or four times.  Close your eyes and get IN to your body.

How does she feel? Tired? Anxious? Hungry? Relaxed? Satisfied? Is there pain or tightness anywhere? Good vibes or high energy?

Ask her, (outloud or think to yourself), “Are you feeling this workout today?”

If yes… proceed to Get Motivated below.

If no… ask her “Would you enjoy something different?” If yes, mentally list off all the alternatives until you feel the “yes”…believe me, you’ll feel it.

If no… Ask her “What would you like instead?” and mentally list those options, a healthy dinner? hot bath? vegged out night in front of the TV? etc

Remember, you do not HAVE to work out.  Long lasting body transformation comes from a place of  connection with your body, not submission.

Get Motivated.

Once you’ve landed on your “yes” for working out and which workout to do, it’s time to power up!  You can do this with a song, a dance, tapping two fingers on your forehead, temples, and heart 10-12 times each, shaking out your arms and legs, or just plain old jumping around…the point is to change your current state.  Do something to change your physicality, get your cells buzzing in your body and SMILE.

Now, you are ready to get the most out of your workout.