Sometimes we’re overworked, sometimes we’re overtired, sometimes we’re too stressed and sometimes – err, most of the time – we just need to chill the *&@# out!  When your body holds on to stress, it’s harder to relax, even when we make an effort to carve out chill-out time, and the effects of prolonged stress can be anything but ideal (sleep deprivation, obesity, depression and more all come to mind). Thankfully, yoga-guru Tara Stiles‘ new book, Yoga Cures, is fully equipped with everything you need to know to conquer, well, just about anything.

Brooklyn Decker loves Tara Stiles too!

Feeling stressed? (Who isn’t?!) Tara Stiles is giving The Beauty Bean a sneak peak inside Yoga Cures and helping us de-stress at the same time. As Tara explains, “these simple yoga poses can undo stresses we hold in the body and mind so we can fully relax with ease.” So, breathe deep and get bending! (Oh, and click here to order Yoga Cures while you’re at it too!)

5 Yoga Moves to Help Us Chill the *&@# Out

Clockwise from top left: Pigeon, Standing Side Opener, Standing Forward Bend, Plank, Bow.


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