How To Fall In Love With Fitness: 3 Tips To Get & Keep You On Track

By Alexis Wolfer

Figure Out What You Like. The fact is, if you hate running and you try to force yourself to run every morning, eventually your hatred will win and you’ll lose the motivation. So, find something you like and make it active! If you like talking with girlfriends, take that chat on a walk (either via phone or in person). If you like dancing, turn up the tunes and dance for twenty minutes at home. If you like playing sports, sign up for a team. Not sure what you like? That’s okay! Take the time to figure out what you do know. Do you like being outside? Consider a boot camp. Do you hate to sweat? Try a yoga class. Scared of the mirrors in an aerobics class? Purchase a workout DVD or watch YouTube video. No clue? Take some exercise classes at your local gym to see what piques your fancy.

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Make It Social. Having a partner in crime (in this fight for health!) will not only help hold you accountable but also will help make it fun! You can explore new workout classes together, gab about the latest episode of American Idol while on adjoining treadmills and grab a healthy dinner after. You’ll have fun and feel good about sticking to your workout goals.

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Set Goals & Reward Yourself. Write down your ultimate fitness goals and then break them down into small, tangible and realistic steps. Post your goals in a place you’ll see often and set up a system that rewards you for completing each step. For example, if you make it to the gym 3 days per week for a whole month, buy yourself a new lipstick. Cut time off your run? Treat yourself to a pedicure! Tight on money, don’t worry! Your rewards don’t have to cost anything! Give yourself a manicure, whip up a facial in your own kitchen or just read a new book. Just be sure your rewards aren’t food or exercise related.

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