By Amanda Russell

Notice we didn’t say “How to see immediate effects from your exercise,” because you can’t really do that. But you can “get immediate results.” All too often, though, we get so consumed with seeing the physical changes that we tend to overlook all the other equally important benefits that you can literally get right away!

Get Over Appearance. It’s no secret that appearance is a big part of most of our motivation to keep exercising – heck, there’s a reason workout videos of super-fit instructors are so motivating! – but appearance can’t be everything. We need to focus on other stuff too – especially since it normally takes a couple of months before you start to see real results from your exercise. So, even though appearance is an amazing motivator, it’s not the motivator you want to be constantly drawing from when first starting out.

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Feel The Immediate Effects. Especially in the early stages of a workout routine, focus on the results you can see immediately. Pay attention to the psychological benefits (like stress and anxiety reduction), enjoy your better mood, increased self-esteem and that post-workout high (which we think beats any mani/pedi!). You’ll also have more energy throughout the day, sleep more restfully and enjoy the fresh air too! Plus, you’ll get a free daily dose of Vitamin D (and it’s free!).

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Get Outside & Exercise Your Mind. When you exercise outdoors, your mind becomes aware of the changing scenery. Whether you use the road, the boardwalk or a winding path, your mind has to focus differently than it would on a machine going nowhere.

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Next time you need motivation, step away from the scale and look far from the mirror… and just head back to this article!

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