4 Leg Exercises For Strong Stems

While floor-grazing (and leg-concealing) maxi skirts and dresses may be the top style of the summer, mini-skirts, short-shorts and leg-baring bathing suits will inevitably put our legs front and center at least at some point this summer. Clearly we want those gams to be as gorgeous as possible – and strong! Not only are strong, toned legs sexy in spring and summer’s short fashions, though, but also muscular stems are sure to carry you thru all of summer’s  activities with ease!

4 Leg-Toning Exercises

Squat. Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart and your toes pointing directly in front of you. The key is to keep your knees in line with your ankles and your weight on your heels as you bend at the knees, not at the waist, like you’re sitting in a chair. If you look down, you should be able to see and wiggle your toes throughout the execution of a squat. If you can’t see those toes, you need to sit back further during the implementation of the squat. If you have a full-length mirror handy, go ahead and check yourself out! If you’re having trouble, start standing against a wall with a burst resistant exercise ball behind your back.

The 4-minute workout!

Split Squat. Stand with your back to a chair and put the toes of one foot up on the chair. Then squat with the leg that’s on the ground, making sure to keep that knee behind your toe. (You may need to adjust your distance from the chair to get to a desired position).

Kickbacks. Lean into a wall and kick one leg up behind you, raising your heel towards the ceiling, focusing in on the glute of that leg. Really, who needs the Brazilian Butt Life workout when you can get all these booty lifting moves from The Beauty Bean!?

Butt busting exercises!

Calf Raises. Just rise up onto your tippy toes and lower back down to a flat foot position. Do this with your feet parallel and together, then with heels together and toes apart and then with feet hip width apart.

How to “green” your workout!