How To Rehydrate Best: 5 Natural Drinks To Keep You Hydrated

By Alix Turoff

Many things about summer are dehydrating: hot and humid temps, long sweat-inducing workouts, fruity cocktails and salty BBQ foods. That being said, we wouldn’t trade any of these things, it wouldn’t be summer without them! Instead, we’ve found some of the best options for rehydrating the body to keep you going strong through even the hottest of summer days.

Ayala Herbal Sparkling Water (Case of 3 for $24 at
When you’re looking for something with a bit of carbonation but without the added sugars, artificial flavors and more of soda, try Ayala’s Herbal Sparkling Water in Ginger Lemon Peel. The ginger flavor makes it great for pairing with Asian foods or even as a cocktail ingredient – although we’re also sipping it straight out of the bottle while lounging poolside.

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Hint Water (Case of 12 for $22 at
We remember back in the day when mom used to pack us sweetened, fruity water in our camp bags in an effort to get us to drink water during the hot days. While plain water can sometimes be boring, the over-sweetened artificially flavored “waters” are not for us. When we discovered Hint Water we were hooked immediately. Hint water contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners and comes in a bunch of refreshing flavors including Watermelon (our fave!), Raspberry Lime and Honeydew-Hibiscus.

SoBe LifeWater (case of 12 for $13.21 at
With all the talk about the dangers of artificial sweetener, we’re always a little skeptical about zero calorie, sweetened drinks. SoBe LifeWater, though, is a vitamin packed water drink that comes in a ton of flavors sweetened with, wait for it…PureVia, all natural sweetener that comes from the Stevia plant. While Stevia is nothing new, we tend to find the taste to be a bit licorice-y. PureVia on the other hand has no after taste and is aspartame free. Try Fuji Apple Pear Lean Machine or Mango Melon C-Boost during or after a workout!

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Vitamin Water ZERO (Case of 12 for $29.95 at
Like SoBe Life Water, Vitamin Water ZERO is sweetened with an all natural sweetener called Truvia and packs tons of vitamins in every serving. Each flavor combines different vitamins so pick one that strikes your fancy. We personally like B vitamins so we go for the “Glow” flavor which is a strawberry-guanabana flavor packed with B Vitamins as well as vitamins A, C, & E – great for hair, skin and nail health.

Zico Coconut Water (Case of 12 for $21.41 at
Zico Coconut Water is our favorite alternative to sports drinks since it actually has 15 times more electrolytes than most others on the market (which are so important when you’re losing water through perspiration!). Pre-workout, Zico will give you energy and post-workout it will help your body to recover. And after one too many Pina Coladas, Zico works great as a hangover remedy too!

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