How to Set Fitness Resolutions that Stick

By Liz DiAlto

New Year’s Resolutions have become practically blasé. Every year, we set them, hit the ground running for a few months (if that!) diligently abiding by them and, for most of us, don’t even remember what they were by the end of the year. (Really, does anyone out there remember there 2010 resolutions? Because we don’t!)

Studies show, though, that health, wellness and fitness resolutions ring in most Americans’ New Years and, well, being avid SWEAT enthusiasts here at The Beauty Bean, we’ve discovered why so many resolutions don’t stick and of course, how you can set ones that do in 2011.

Resolutions won’t stick if they don’t light you up on the inside.  You and your resolution need chemistry – like in dating!  So, how do you know if you and your resolution are a love-at-first-sight, match made in heaven?

Go Deeper. Whether you want to take some time to meditate on it, journal about it or just go for a walk and think about it, spend time really considering what you want to accomplish in 2011. If you invest time into setting a resolution that means a lot to you, you’ll be considerably more likely to invest the time needed to accomplish it over the course of the next year. (And yes, all resolutions worth making require both time and effort!) So, ask your self, “What do I genuinely and passionately desire for my body in 2011?”  Do you want to tone, build strength, lower your blood pressure, balance your cholesterol, feel sexy in a bikini or something else? Whatever it is, find something that excites you!

Goal setting and accomplishing made simple!

Declare It. Research shows that people who declare their resolutions – out-loud, in writing, via email, etc. – are ten times more likely to follow through with them! So, tell your friends about it, inform your co-workers, post it on your fridge or near your alarm clock! Be clear and be explicit Beauty Bean-ers, you can do it!

Set Yourself Up For Success. Do your very best to surround yourself with people and environments that will help you stick to your resolutions. Find friends with similar resolutions and make a pact to encourage each other throughout the year. Sprinkle success on your plan with new workout clothes to get you excited, fun fitness classes to mix things up or even a few sessions with a personal trainer. Been trying to make it happen from home? Joining a gym is the perfect holiday gift for yourself – especially since lots of locations have sales and deals for the New Year. Lastly, be good to yourself.  Reward yourself with some cheat meals and a nice relaxing day off from the workout plan once or twice a week.

A sexy resolution!

Eliminate Bad Influences. Take time to consider the people, environments and stressors that hinder your ability to stay strong and drag you off course. Think: friends who eat poorly, drink too much and don’t exercise.  We’re not saying to never hang out with these people, but keep your interaction to activities that won’t derail your health and fitness prowess.

Get connected to your resolutions in 2011.  Go deep, declare them, set yourself up for success and eliminate bed influences.  You can do this!

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