If you’re planning a spring vacation – perhaps complete with all-inclusive meals and daiquiris on the beach (in which case we’re jealous!) – staying fit can be challenging for even the most endorphin-addicted among us (let alone for those of us for whom breaking a sweat is practically tortuous under the best of circumstances). There are, however, a few easy ways to help ensure your workout plans come with you on that dream vacation of yours. The key: planning ahead!

So, what’s the key to coming home from vacation feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, revived – and not bummed about falling off your exercise plan? Tiffanie Barton of F.F.I.T. LIFE tell us…

Plan For Fitness. Choose a hotel with a gym or pool and/or access to an ocean or hiking trails. You will be more apt to exercise if it is easily accessible.

Pack Properly. Make sure to pack your sneakers, sports bras and other necessary workout clothes. Being prepared with the proper attire is simple and, every time you see it in your suitcase, you will be reminded to workout. If your gym has a pool or ocean, bring a swimsuit for swimming lap (aka not barely there bikini). If your  hotel isn’t equipped for your exercise plans, pack a jump rope, exercise bands and your iPod so  you can still get a great workout in your hotel room.  Simple exercises, such as bicep curls, lateral raises, chair tricep dips, push-ups, wall sits and planks can keep you fit along with jump rope intervals.

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Sign Up For Sweaty Sightseeing. If you are on a vacation where you’ll be sightseeing, sign up for walking or biking tours instead of the traditional bus tours that will have you sitting all day. If you are adventurous, some cities even offer running tours!

Get Beachy Buff. Working out doesn’t have to cut into your beach time. Instead, take your workout outside! Take a walk on the beach, jog around a new city (just be sure to ask the hotel about safe routes) or do toning exercises by the pool!

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Get Creative. If you thought there was a gym and didn’t pack any equipment or, well, are just reading this too late, no problem! Put that mini-bar to use by grabbing two cans of soda and use them as weights for your upper body.  Put your iPod player on your best playlist and dance around your room for cardio while adding squats and walking lunges. You can also incorporate planks and leg lifts and, if you have Wi-Fi, search YouTube for workout videos too!

With these simple ways of including your workout in your travels, you don’t need to worry about sabotaging your recent training gains.

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