How To Tackle Your To Do List… And Get Fit!

Workout While Doing Chores

By Chrissy Fink

Getting in an hour-long workout is sometimes (err often!) easier said than done.  So, turn your to-do list into a sweat-inducing workout session and kill two birds with one stone with this house-cleaning workout. The bottom line is this: we all have mile-long to-do lists (that often get in the way of our workouts), so why not turn your house-cleaning to-do list into a workout and get fit at the same time? It’s a win win!

6 Ways To Get Fit While Doing Chores

Put some pep in your step. Instead of strolling between your cleaning tasks, skip your way there to increase your cardio burn. Just don’t forget your spots bra under that old tee-shirt of yours!

Exercises you can do in high-heels!

Squat to go low. Instead of bending down to reach lower ledges, windows and floors, do squats! Keep your knees and toes pointed forward and sit back like you would in a chair before pushing back up to stand.

Lunge around. If skipping between tasks isn’t your thing, try lunge walking to get to the next destination in your home. Step one leg out in front of the other, lower down into lunge position (your knee should be in line with your ankle and your thigh should be parallel to the floor), squeeze your butt and push back up before stepping your back leg forward and repeating until you get wherever you’re heading next.

Step it up. If you have stairs in your home, you’re in luck! (Well, your fitness level is anyway!) Take a quick break and bust a two-minute sweat session, racing up and down the stairs. As your fitness improves, try skipping a step. Just be careful you don’t slip.

6 lower body exercises you can do in your office!

Reach higher. When you need to dust up high, put down the long-reaching duster and instead pull out the step stool. Carefully stand in front of the step stool and step up with one foot until your leg is extended, point your non-standing leg behind you and squeeze your glute. Only have to reach a few inches? Do calf raises!

Rake, sweep & shovel to sweat. Whether you’re raking leaves, shoveling snow or sweeping the floor, get fit at the same time! Make sure to stand tall and keep your core pulled in the whole time, as you use your abdominals to twist and your arms to pull for a total body workout. For a more even workout (and an extra challenge), switch your hand position so you’re using your non-dominate hand work to push and pull.

With all these moves and tips put your mind in it and go until you feel the burn, no need to count reps!

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