By Alexis Wolfer

Okay, let me back track… last Monday I was invited to SLT, a new fitness class (to New York anyway) that originated in LA and is slowly making its way across the country. It’s based on the principals of Pilates (which, if I do say so myself, I’ve become quite adept at after a decade of practice) with a cardio twist (also something I’m pretty practiced in) so when I received the email warning me it would be very hard, forgive me (no, really, I hope my body will please forgive me) for assuming this would be like most other fitness classes I’ve been invited to try as an editor: relatively easy.

Pilates + Boxing = Piloxing!

Monday morning arrived and as I waited in the rain for a taxi, I silently cursed myself for being late (yes, I’m usually that girl, the one who’s painfully early to everything, which I blame on my persistently late mom, sorry mom, love you!). I didn’t want to miss five minute of a new workout, not because I was worried I would be lost in a class with completely foreign equipment (which clearly should have been my concern considering what I was about to get myself into) but rather because I didn’t want to miss even five minutes of a sweat session, which I was (now I know insanely inaccurately) sure would be a piece of cake. Needless to say, missing those 5 minutes was my trembling inner thigh’s and quivering core’s only saving grace.

How To Soothe Muscle Soreness!

SLT uses a Megaformer – a piece of equipment that most closely resembles a pilates reformer (for those of you who are familiar) but with changes that instantly transform said reformer into something more accurately called a modern day torture device (and I don’t say that lightly – I do, after all, have my master’s in Women’s Rights and take torture very seriously). With two moving platforms (instead of one) and springs that do less to resist than to assist (your collapse into the abyss between platforms, that is), SLT is to pilates as an Iron Man challenge is to a 50-yard jog.  Neither close nor comparable – and freaking hard!

SLT says that they’re what would happen if “cardio, strength training and Pilates had a baby” but I’d beg to differ… I think SLT is what would happen if they had the fitness devil (i.e. Jillian Michaels). That being said, I love having my butt kicked (and secretly think I would love a week with Jillian Michaels – after my tears dry up, of course)– and with instructors with killer bodies and encouraging personalities, you may as well say that the SLT fitness devil has me tied… and I like it!

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