Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals With The Playlist Of The Year

One week in and your fitness resolutions are already losing their steam?

Or just want to make sure they stay going strong well after the memory of the ball dropping fades?

It’s time to download some new tunes!

Not only because studies show that music can reduce perceived exertion (meaning you can workout longer and harder without feeling like it!) but also because there is something about the spring in your step a great playlist gives you that makes you feel like an Olympian (even if you’re just getting started on the path towards running your first mile).

Naturally, to usher in the new year, we turned to Lacey Stone and Flywheel Sports to curate our playlist of the year. (Because who could possibly know the key to motiving music than the best spin instructor at the best spin studio?!)  So, sign up for your first Flywheel spin class (you should!), download our playlist of the year and stick to those resolutions of yours!

You can do it!