At Home Workouts: Kettlebell Tricep Exercises

By Alexis Wolfer

For many women, the triceps are the dreaded muscles that leave many of us abandoning our sleeveless shirts by the time we’re in our 40s, if not sooner.  Like bikinis, though, tank tops to not have an age limit (just ask Helen Mirren). Rather, we just need to do a bit of work to keep our triceps toned up and pulled up, so as not to look wing-like.

To help keep our sleeveless summer styles looking great (on perfectly chiseled arms, of course), we turned to Reebok Global Fitness Instructor, Sara Haley, to help us cut our triceps with a few trusted Kettlebell tricep exercises.

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Kettlebell Tricep Exercises

Begin with the Halo. Hold the Kettlebell vertically in front of your chest with two hands on either side of the handle (so the Kettlebell is bottoms up).  Move the Kettlebell clock-wise around your head in a fluid motion. The shoulder joints will begin to feel juicy and warm, helping to increase the range of motion in your shoulders.

After a few complete rotations of the Halo, do tricep extensions.  Stopping halfway, with the Kettlebell right above your head, make sure to keep your elbows close to the ears as you extend your arms all the way up, pushing the bottom of the Kettlebell to the ceiling and flexing the triceps. Bring the Kettlebell back down, over and behind your head, so the head of the Kettlebell is at the nape of your neck. Work to keep the shoulders down and your chest lifted as you continue. Repeat.

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After your last rep, return the Kettlebell to your chest and begin the Halo again. This time, though, move the Kettlebell counter-clockwise around your head.  To work those triceps even more, stop at the top again (right above your head) and repeat the tricep extensions.

Up for a bigger challenge? Try doing one and a half Halos clockwise (to above your head), a tricep extension, half a Halo (to back in front of your chest), one and a half Halos counter-clockwise, a tricep extension and then half a Halo (to back in front of your chest).  Repeat for a set of eight reps.

Not only will your triceps thank you, but also, if you have tight shoulders, the Halo is ideal for increasing shoulder flexibility and mobility!

Want additional benefits?  As you perform this kettlebell tricep exercise make sure to keep your core engaged.  If you push the Halo beyond your range of motion, you will begin to feel your rib cage try to expand and open up. Work to keep your rib cage closed for maximum core benefits.

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