By Diana Zarowin

Flashback to 2002: I was that girl on the softball, soccer and baseball teams simultaneously. Sports were my thing and “working out” wasn’t even in my vocabulary – it was just my life. Fast-forward through high school and college, where free time became, well, nonexistent and squeezing in even a quick workout each week became nothing short of a serious challenge. Workouts once (maybe twice a week… max!) became the norm.

Until the summer 2012.

I took it upon myself to remake my childhood self and went from hitting the gym rarely to intensely sweating seven days a week. I was doing 1.5 hour yoga classes twice a week and 40 minutes of cardio on the other days – without a single day’s break in between. Just a few weeks into this workout schedule, I was a mess! (Shocker.) My knees and ankles ached. My muscles throbbed in every (beginner!) yoga class. And every time I exercised, I felt the pain more and more. Something had to change. I needed balance.

After scaling back my exercise-aholic lifestyle, I realized that finding the time to exercise doesn’t get any easier. But, a busy, exciting lifestyle can include a healthy balance of fitness and fun. With these tips. you can get back into a regular exercise schedule without killing yourself in the process.

All about the Balance. You need days off in between workouts. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, the body needs time to regain its strength and recover from exercise. Want to workout on weekdays? Take weekends off. Prefer an every-other-day balance? This works too. Whatever is best for your body, make sure that you take at least two days off each week to let your body rest.

Yoga, Baby! If you think you hate yoga, you just haven’t found the right class for you. With so many different practices, there is a yoga class right for everyone and, once you find the right one for your needs and goals, i is, in one word: amazing. It is restorative, relaxing and strength training. Click here for help finding the right yoga class for you.

Workout Videos. Home workout videos are the Fitness God’s gift to the busy and overworked. Whether you find it difficult to make time for the gym (not even to mention getting there and home!) or your neighborhood gym’s hours don’t align with your busy schedule, pick up (or download) a few workout DVDs or watch some on YouTube.

Someone once told me an incredible piece of insight, “Exercise – you don’t have time not to,” and with these tips in place, it is completely doable! I still consider myself an exercise-aholic, but a responsible one who takes care of my body and preserves my limited free-time in the process.

Happy Exercising!

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