By Jessie Leventhal

What it is: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise of martial arts – but for all your non-Karate Kid fans, fret not! Rather, think of Tai Chi as a low-intensity exercise designed to improve flexibility, build strength, reduce stress and increase energy flow. Performed with gentle, fluent, flowing movements, Tai Chi relaxes the mind while exercising the body through the constant flow of movements intended to heal and restore. Plus, Tai Chi, according to Chines medicine, leads to inner happiness. And, well, we can’t argue with that!

Why we love it: We love Tai Chi’s health and relaxation benefits! Through meditation and mental exercise, Tai Chi really helps us to feel more focused and aware of our surroundings. We feel clear and energized after our practice! This After this class, your mind and spirit will be harmonized and relaxed.

Meditation tips for a better workout!

Where to do it: For Tai Chi classes in your area, click here.

How to DIY it: Tai Chi is easy to do on your own…and it might even be more peaceful! If you’re just beginning, try a Tai Chi DVD for beginners or, if you’re a pro, pick up a more advanced Tai Chi DVD.

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