How To Measure Bra Size: 5 Tips From Lingerie Superstar Josie Natori

Learn How To Measure Bra Size In 5 Easy Steps

In the market for a new bra? Before you take out the tape measure and try to measure bra size in your bedroom, listen up because Josie Natori (the woman behind the eponymous lingerie line and a gorgeous new perfume) invests a serious amount of time thinking about bras – and now she’s sharing her insider tips so you can ensure a perfect fit next tie you need to measure bra size.

“We feast happily on colors, textures and patterns to elevate underthings from ordinary to extraordinary; to make glamorous, stylish and fun pieces women covet. However, we know all too well that pretty falls flat without the proper fit. Simply put, size matters,” says Josie.

Ready to het down and learn how to measure your bra size?

5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Bra

Get measured by a pro. Countless women go years–even lifetimes!–wearing the wrong size because they measure bra size all on their own. Lingerie and specialty stores (most department stores, too) have bra fitting specialists on hand. Take advantage of this instant makeover. You’ll be amazed at how differently your clothes will fit when a pro can measure bra size for you. Remember, your body changes with time so go back every few years to keep up with your curves.

Do not let your cup runneth over. Your breasts should not spill out from any part of your bra. If you take up more room than the cup, you need to go up a letter size. The cups of your bra should not wrinkle or gap, either; this is a sign that you may need to go down a size.

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Let the band take center stage. Your bra band should lie firmly at the middle of your back. Purchase a bra that feels comfortable and fit on the loosest hook because as the bra begins to wear, it will stretch. When you feel the band creep up or down your back, adjust the closure at a different hook, which will help you get more wear out of your bra before having to head back to the pros to measure bra size.

Strive for strap flat. Your bra straps should lie flat on your shoulders. No digging. No falling. Flat, period. Most of your breast weight should be supported by the band so if your straps aren’t behaving, you probably need to adjust your number size (that is, if a simple tightening or loosening doesn’t solve the problem ASAP.)

Try, try, try (it on). Even after you’ve nailed your perfect fit, you should try on bras from brands you don’t keep in heavy rotation before purchasing. Manufacturing quirks could mean the difference between a 34-Beastly and a 34-Beautiful.

Want more? Your perfectly fitting lingerie isn’t complete without a spritz of fragrance.  Josie has a new fragrance, JOSIE by Josie Natori, perfect for giving your bra a scent of sensuality and confidence!