Michelle Obama Workouts With Hula Hoops

If the First Lady has been on a mission since entering the White House, it’s been a mission for health, wellness and fitness. And, if her fit body is any indication, she’s doing something right!

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How does Michelle Obama workout?

Well, one way is by having fun while doing it! In a recent interview, Michelle Obama revealed that one of her favorite fun fitness activities is hula-hooping, saying, “If I do have a talent, it is hula-hooping. I can hula-hoop forever. And I’ve been a hula-hooper since I was little.” President Barack Obama agrees, confirming his wife Michelle “is the best hula-hoopers I know.”

Hula Hooping, though, is more than child’s play. Rather, the total body workout can improve your flexibility and balance, strengthening your core and tone your arms and legs.

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Want to give it a shot? Check out Hoopnotica, a hula-hooping program that utilizes the hoop as a cardio and resistance tool for an effective, low-impact and total body workout. You can take a Hoopnotica class or check out their hula-hoop workout DVDs.

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