By Alexis Wolfer

While we’re sometimes too time strapped to make it to the gym (understandably so between our day jobs, families and more) most of us nevertheless find time to buy groceries (or shoes, we’re not judging!). As strong advocates of incorporating fitness into our regular routines, we at The Beauty Bean figured there had to be a way to multi-task our shopping sprees so we could work our bodies, as well as our wallets, while out loading up on food (or fashion). So, we asked Stephanie Mansour, body image coach and Chicago-based personal trainer, to help show us easy moves that would help transform our shopping trips into sweat sessions.

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Work your quads while reaching for something on a lower shelf. Instead of bending over, bend your knees and hold a squat for 30 seconds while reading the label of food from a lower shelf.

Do calf raises while picking out your produce. While looking for the perfect apple or stalk of broccoli, stand on your tip toes then return back to flat feet. Repeat 10 times or until you’ve bagged your produce.

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Do leg lifts while waiting in line. Work your legs and butt while standing still. Point your toe in front of you and lift your leg as high as you can, keeping your knee straight. Lower to the floor and repeat as many times as you can. Follow by pointing your toe behind you and lifting your leg as high as possible behind you. Repeat until you need to move up in line.

Improve your posture. Roll your shoulders forward and backward to loosen up your neck while walking through the grocery store and help your posture.

–  Tone your arms while carrying your groceries to your car. Holding bags in your hands, hug your elbows into your sides. Then do some bicep curls by bending at your elbow and bringing your hands and the bags closer to your shoulders. Release slowly with resistance and repeat.

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