By Cate Walker

After a good workout, it’s important to care for your body on the inside and out.  Eating healthy and nutrient rich foods are important, but it’s also important to reward your muscles and feet after a hard workout.  We all know exercising has plenty of health benefits: it’s great for your mind, body and soul. But what about those achy muscles? The benefits of exercise definitely outweigh the few cons, like sore muscles and tired feet, but they nevertheless require our attention.

To bring you some relief from those complaints, take care of your body with these 3 recommendations:

Stretch! This often underestimated step is not only free but also extremely beneficial to your muscles and your mind. After you finish a workout, your muscles are still working to repair themselves; you can help your body out by stretching, though, in order to keep those muscle fibers loose and help prevent injuries that can occur from tight muscles. If you need some motivation or direction, try yoga for some great stretching and relaxation benefits—your body will thank you.

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Soak that body! Taking a warm bath helps soothe sore muscles and can help you wind down after a good sweat. To vamp up your soak, we love adding Ahava’s Eucalyptus Mineral Bath Salts ($22), with its 21 essential minerals to help relax tight muscles and relieve stiff joints, or ESPA’s Fitness Bath Oil ($46), which is made with a blend of pure essential oils that help relieve your body’s aches and pains (and is even great for monthly cramps!). Don’t have a bath? Try ESPA’s Fitness Body Oil ($40) for a post-workout rub down!

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Reduce Swelling! The first way to reduce swelling is to drink plenty of water. Water not only helps clear toxins out of your body, but also helps keep your body tissue hydrated and prevents swelling. For those times, though, when you’ve got swollen muscles that are in need of more than just hydration, Cure’s To Go: Stress Relief ($45) does the trick. The anti-fluid gel, with its cooling sensation, feels great on your tired muscles while key ingredients like sage (an anti-inflammatory with softening and healing properties) and menthol (which helps stimulate blood circulation) help cure aches and pains, while reducing swelling by alleviating water retention. The kit also comes with a stress relief sea bath and a skin repair mist, all in 2 oz. containers, great for taking with you on the go.

Your body works hard for you, so reward it by keeping it strong, limber and pampered!

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