By Jessica Kupetz

The start of a new year brings about an air of excitement and motivation to make positive changes. In many cases, resolutions include aspirations of perspiration. Unfortunately, as the excitement of new healthy ventures begins to fade, excuses take precedent over our good intentions. Topping the laundry list of our healthy shortcomings are time, money and interest. If you find yourself stuck in a rut as your exercise program gets underway, veteran trainer Christine Hazelton reminds us why excuses are “sooo 2010”.

Christine has not only been on the top of her game as an ACSM and NSCA certified personal trainer out of KoR Health and Fitness in L.A., but she  emphasizes her beliefs in innovative, effective and downright fun exercises – and her clients love her for it!

Here are some of Christine’s top tips for you!

Use your body. If a gym membership or personal trainer isn’t in your budget, don’t let that stand in your way. Very little equipment is needed to get into shape. Try push ups and planks, both of which are superior total-body exercises requiring no equipment and very little space. If you do happen to have a few extra dollars to play around with, consider investing in a jump rope for cardio and a kettlebell or a set of 8-12 pound dumbbells for strength training.

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Amp up the intensity. Short bursts of high intensity exercises, or plyometrics, such as jump squats, can get your heart rate way up and strengthen your legs and core in no time. Stick to exercises that not only strengthen but also get your heart rate pumping at the same time.

Create a “bag of exercises.” Even as an innovative personal trainer, Christine knew she had to find ways to keep her clients active and interested. Ultimately, she created a “bag of exercises;” picking them out one by one added an element of surprise and Christine found that her clients actually worked harder. It brings out the kid in you while getting a grown-up butt-kicking! Search YouTube, your favorite workout videos or The Beauty Bean for exercise ideas. Once you find 5-8 different exercises that interest you, write them on cards and create your own grab bag, circuiting through them 2-3 times with minimal rest in between.

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Get techy. If you have access to an iPhone, check out Christine’s new app: BODYFATE. The only app of its kind on the market – and already named one of the Top 10 best Apps of 2011 – BODYFATE includes training, nutrition and goal setting objectives. The application will throw a bag of exercises at you, keeping each workout new and exciting. The beauty of this application is that it can be tailored to your fitness level, the time you have available and the equipment, if any, you may have.

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