How To Pack The Perfect Gym Bag

A Peak Inside Celeb Trainer Ashley Borden’s Gym Bag

Getting to the gym may be hard, but trust us when we say that packing your gym bag is half the battle –  if you’re attempting to go from gym to desk, anyway.

Sure, you’ll need clothes (for your workout and after) and your necessary skincare and makeup products, but when it comes to packing the perfect we know it’s more than just the “essentials,” which is why we’re sharing some thoughts from celebrity trainer, Ashley Borden, a fitness and lifestyle consultant to some of Hollywood’s a-list stars including Christina Aguilera and Reese Witherspoon.

Ashley’s partnered with MOTRIN® on their Make It Happen Weekends campaign, designed to inspire and motivate women as they “Make It Happen” in all areas of their lives, and we couldn’t think of someone better suited to help us pack the perfect gym bag to help busy women – like you! – be your most unstoppable selves and “Make it Happen” at the gym and beyond.

7 Things Celeb Trainer Ashely Borden Says To Pack In Your Gym Bag

  1. Food Storage Bag. I always carry a storage food bag with small cold blocks in it to keep my meals chilled throughout the day.
  2. Travel Size Roller. The Grid Mini Foam Roller is the perfect density; just soft and hard enough to roll out knots from daily body wear and tear and to use as a recovery tool after a hard workout. Plus, it’s the perfect size for a suitcase or duffle bag!
  3. Lotion. Kai body lotion is perfect for my constant hand washing (after every client)! I am in love with the fresh gardenia scent of all things Kai. It’s easy to carry in my purse and just a little dab gives off a heavenly scent. It’s paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate, gluten, and cruelty free – and vegan!
  4. Clear Bags. I always keep bobby pins, MOTRIN® products for any aches and pains, rubber bands, heads bands, and hand sanitizer organized in clear plastic zipper pouches because it’s easy to throw in your bag and immediately see what you need. No more rooting around! I have ones for my earphones, phone charger, pens- you name it, it’s organized in its own pouch!
  5. Resistance Bands. I’ve been using all-purpose resistance bands for years and they are a staple in my gym bag. They attach anywhere and go up to 100lbs of pull! I have five different resistances, and they never fail. Pushing, pulling, rotating… you name it – the exercises are endless! Stuck on a conference call and can’t make it to the gym? At least you have these in your bag for quick workout at your desk!
  6. Mini Bands. Want to wake up your glutes and shoulders? These little bands pack a big punch! I use the mini bands for every one of my personal warm ups as well as my clients warm ups.
  7. Arm Sleeves. I am not a fan of wearing too many layers when I am working. After so many years, I finally found the perfect combo of warmth without over heating. Zensah Arm Sleeves are genius! Just enough arm coverage that I feel warmth, but doesn’t cover my armpits and make me over heat. They come in great colors and have a little pocket to hold keys or cash and a convenient thumbhole.

Photography credit: Tom Ivicevic