By Elizabeth DiAlto

As women, we’re often uncomfortable in our own skin and fear our own bodies. Confidence, though, is sexy, powerful and beautiful – and certainly something we’re looking to promote. Finding a way to embrace our bodies, though, is often more difficult than we would like. Luckily, we’ve found a sexy solution: S Factor.

If you’ve never heard of S Factor, it’s no ordinary workout—it is a pole dancing inspired workout, created by actress, author, filmmaker and dancer, Sheila Kelley.

The perfect place to confront the things that scare you (while getting one heck of a workout!), S Factor will prove true what Sheila says to be true: “You’re stronger, more powerful and more formidable on the other side.” We wanted to experience it for ourselves so we tried out a class, which can be described in three words: beautiful, sexy, cathartic.

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The NYC studio was unlike any fitness space we have ever visited. On one wall were shelves lined with everything from ruffled booty shorts to 6” stilettos. On another wall was a picture of Sheila herself, standing next to a stripper pole, comfortable, confident and glowing, accompanied by the epitome of innocence—a small child on her hip!  We knew then that we were in for a unique experience! As we made our way into the actual studio, (asking ourselves, “What did we sign ourselves up for?!”) we were met with dim lights, soft chairs and benches and plush yoga mats. To our surprise, delight and relief, there was not a mirror in sight.

While the term “pole dancing” may carry with it a connotation that would make you hesitate to tell your mom you’re going to a class, this is far from S Factor’s true purpose.  It’s not about being able to go home and wow your significant other with your new moves (although we will admit—you definitely can if you want to!). Rather, as Sheila explains, “S Factor creates two very clear and clean distinct points of view: One, to teach a woman to understand what males find so beautiful about the female body and two, to teach  a woman what’s so extraordinarily wonderful about living in the body for you!”  According to Sheila (and we’re starting to believe her!), “The female body is truly the 8th wonder of the world, it’s God’s gift to humanity.”

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Designed for any and every woman, regardless of size, shape, or age, S Factor connects you with the integrity of your body. As Sheila pointed out to us, “every female in every species knows how to do a mating dance, except humans.” At S Factor, though, you will reconnect with your body to, as she points out, “discover a side of you that’s been sleeping for a long time.”

We have to admit that we were a bit nervous (and a tad skeptical) at first. As we spent 90 minutes moving our bodies “the way the female form was meant to move,” however, we became fast believers.  As we released the tension in our bodies, we gave ourselves permission to naturally undulate, connect and create space with our bodies—exactly the way we were meant to. Moreover, we were in for one of the best workouts of our lives!

With sore abs and soaring confidence, we wholeheartedly look forward to our next S Factor class. For studio locations and at-home DVDs, click here!

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