Post-Workout Protein: 6 Vegetarian Ways To Refuel

The 6 Best Protein-Packed Foods To Eat After a Workout

By Diana Zarowin

After I finish a workout (whether it’s blindfolded yoga or a 24 minute full-body jumprope circuit ), I’m FAMISHED.

Not wanting to undo all my hard work, though, I know how important it is to refuel my body with healthy, protein-packed food that will help my body recover – and my muscles grow long, lean and Kelly-Ripa-strong.

Sure, it’s crucial eat the right foods before a sweat session. But it’s even more important to replenish fluids and food after sweating to sustaining the positive effects of hard work long after your time in the gym ends.

So, what should you eat after a workout?

The primary goals post-workout are first to prevent dehydration by replenishing lost fluids and second to pack in the muscle-replenishing protein that makes the effects of a good workout really last.

Fluid replenishment is pretty obvious, right? We sweat out fluids, hence the need to provide our body with more. So, first thing’s first: load up on some good old h2o. (Unless you’re spending over an hour doing strenuous cardio, sugar-packed sports drinks aren’t necessary.) Hate water? Try this!

The need for protein replenishment may not be as obvious, but, when we work out, our muscles are literally hungry for it’s muscle-building properties.

The 6 Best Protein-Packed, Vegetarian Post-Workout Foods

Banana with Almond Butter – the potassium in the banana will help to replenish lost electrolytes while the protein in the almond butter feeds your muscles and the fat keeps you satiates. Just be sure to find a raw or dry-roasted almond butter to avoid gnarly processed oils.

Hard Boiled Eggs – an easy protein-packed post-workout food that you can easily make in advance and keep in the fridge. Plus, you can quickly go the egg-salad route for another tasty option too!

Trail Mix – With healthy fats and loads of protein, nuts are a vegan’s perfect post-workout protein. Mix in some dried fruit (with no sugar added, of course), and make yourself a quick and easy snack perfect for when you’re on the run.

Dales Raw Protein Bars – for the ultimate convenience, keep a box of Dale’s Raw Protein Bars in your fridge and grab one on your way out. They only use raw nuts, seeds, and fruit, plus hemp, pea, and brown rice proteins for some of the healthiest protein bars on the market.

Humus – Dip cucumbers (for their high water content, of course!) in protein packed humus for a delicious, fiber-full snack that will keep your full far longer than most snacks.

Protein Smoothie – want something cold and refreshing? Try this strawberry banana protein shake recipe or this beauty boosting acai & blueberry omega protein shake recipe!

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