How To Run Faster: 7 Tips For Quicker Runs

7 Tips To Help You Run Faster

So you want to shave some time off of your mile (high school fitness test style!) and run faster?

Thankfully (at least for most of us!) the days of timed mile runs, public weigh ins, and pull-up tests are over. WAY over. But that doesn’t mean that you may not want to run your fastest mile yet.

And, well, now you can! Here’s how…

How To Run Faster

Hit The Hills. Usually run on a track or otherwise flat ground? It’s time you run for (er, up!) the hills. Running up hill will help to build up both your leg and lung strength, both essential for faster run times!

Vary Your Pace. Running the same speed for the entire length of your run won’t help you improve your speed or time. We’re talking to you, treadmill trainers! Instead, incorporate high intensity interval training, easy runs, and fast sprints into your training routine to run faster.

Warm Up. You’re not going to hit that personal record pace if you spend the first chunk of your run just getting warmed up. Instead, warm up in advance and hit the ground running. Literally.

Eat Before You Run. Running on empty? You’ll feel like it! Instead, have a small pre-run snack to help fuel your run.

Get In Formation (Beyonce-Style). Fine, not Beyonce-style, but running-style. All of which is to say: relax your upper body, swing your arms at low 90-degree angles (close to your body, with your elbows tucked in), and strike the ground mid-foot.

Buy New Shoes. Every 300 to 500 miles you should replace your running shoes. It will not only help prevent running injuries (worn out shoes can cause injuries!), it may also actually put a spring in your step to help you run faster!

Keep A Running Log. Keeping track of your miles run, speed, and body feels will help you figure out the best training schedule for you. Feel beat after running 3 days in a row? Maybe you need to add another off day to the mix! Feel your best when running in the afternoon? Rework your training schedule so you run more later in the day!

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