The Sex Diet: Why You Should Screw Your Diet, Literally

How Sex Can Get You The Body You Want, Without Dieting

By Sarah Jenks

We all diet for different reasons.  But most of us believe that by changing the shape of our bodies, the shape of our lives will change as well.  We think that by dieting, and forcing ourselves into a thinner body, all of these amazing things will start happening to us: we’ll get a new job, get rid of our anxiety, find a lover, feel care-free and happy all the time and of course have a better sex life.

But the reality is, dieting as a means to making our lives better is a dead-end. Creating a lifestyle of restriction, judgment and deprivation will not lead you to a life of pleasure and happiness.

There are a many effective paths to creating a happy life, but the best practice, and the most powerful tool for getting healthy and feeling great about your body is to have a passionate, mind-blowing sex life.  It’s time to literally screw your diet!

The easiest way to be and feel sexy!

As women, it’s natural to hold back in the bedroom when we don’t feel our best, but the reality is that the longer we stifle our sexuality, the longer it will take to feel like a sexy, confident woman.

Keep reading to see why the only way you’re going to feel like a total knock is if you stop calorie counting and start having more sex.

4 reasons why sex is more effective than dieting:

Increased Body confidence. While dieting is based on the idea that your body is unworthy of experiencing pleasure, sex is all about giving your body pleasure and showing your body that she is attractive.  The more your body is touched and loved, the more confident you will become and the more you will love your body.  Food becomes a way to feed, love and nourish your body, instead of a sole means of pleasure. As a result, you will naturally gravitate towards healthy foods such as greens, whole grains and fruits.

Food is no longer our only source of pleasure. So many women’s lives are void of pleasure. For some reason, many women feel that pleasure is too indulgent, too greedy and too selfish.  But, as women, we need pleasure. It is our life force! So we get pleasure the only way we know how: by eating.  But eating sugary, rich foods (the ones we are convinced bring us the most pleasure) brings us so much suffering.  Sex is a great way to add real, toe-curling pleasure into your life.  As you add more and more pleasure in your life from non-food forms, the less you need food to fill your pleasure void.

2 Victoria’s Secret models tell us what makes them feel sexy!

It Breaks Down Your Walls. So many women hold onto weight as a shield of armor.  Whether we’ve been called names or abused or been the receiver of unwanted attention, we subconsciously hold onto weight to protect ourselves.  Sex allows you to practice letting your guard down.  Being physically intimate with someone else (or yourself!) will ease the drive to overeat and the need to keep on your armor.

Sex Gets You in Touch with Your Body. Most of us live our lives as walking heads, completely ignoring everything below our neck.  We don’t acknowledge, touch or pay attention to our bodies.  When we’re out of touch with our bodies, we aren’t in tune with our bodies’ needs for healthy foods, exercise or sleep.  When we listen to our bodies, though, they actually tell us what we need to be healthy. Diets are actually based on ignoring our personal needs and forcing our bodies into a plan that someone else gave to us.  Sex is the best way to get reacquainted with our bodies, to learn what we like, how we want to be touched and what our physical language is.  The more you can get in your body, the more you will hear your body’s gentle cravings for nourishing habits.

To start amping up your sexuality, have a conversation with your partner, buy some sexy lingerie (just for you), invest in some toys to explore your sexuality solo and enjoy the ride.

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