Should You Workout On An Empty Stomach?

It seems like myths abound when it comes to fitness.

We once heard that Jennifer Aniston credits her body to workouts on an empty stomach. But do you really want to be running on empty when you’re working out?

We asked Holly Perkins, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, women’s strength expert, speaker, and the author of Lift to Get Lean to weigh in.

“Rule #1 is to never go into any kind of a workout completely empty or hungry,” said Holly.

Well, guess that answers that!

But not so fast, beauties.

As with anything having to do with fitness, nutrition, and our bodies, it’s never quite that easy…

“While there is some research that shows this could be good for calorie burning, there is new research that shows you can burn up to 20% more muscle mass than if you were to workout with fuel. Since muscle is the key to magic, you must preserve it at all costs- especially women.”

So what should you do if you want to preserve muscle mass, get in a great cardio workout, and not start gnawing on the free-weights (or your trainer – unless he/she’s cute, in which case nibble away!)?

“It’s best to eat a meal 2-3 hours prior to any workout, or a 200 ish calorie snack 30-60 minutes prior,” says Holly. Need an added boost of energy, Holly suggests Aloe Gloe Organic Aloe Water which is not only hydrating (which you need pre-exercise!) but also packed with easily digestible sugars for energy without bogging you down.

And after your workout?

If the workout is especially intense or longer than 60 minutes, Holly suggests eating a small meal comprised mostly of easy to digest protein and fast digesting carbs. Her go to: whey protein powder and fruit!