Sore Muscles? 3 Easy, Free Solutions!

How To Get Rid Of Muscle Soreness

Stretch. Stretching isn’t only for increasing flexibility (although it certainly does that) but also is a great way to prevent muscle soreness from setting in after a difficult workout. When you wrap up a hard workout, your muscles begin working to repair themselves and stretching helps to keep the muscle fibers loose and supple, encouraging faster repair and preventing injuries that can result from muscle tightness. So, before you even leave the gym, hit the mats.

Should You Stretch Before A Workout?

Soak. A warm bath helps not only to relax your mind, but also to soothe sore muscles. Add Dr. Teal Epsom Salt Soaking Solution in Soothing Mint & Rosemary ($6.99) to increase circulation and relieve stress.

Sip. One of the best ways to reduce soreness and swelling is to hydrate, so sip on loads of water after leaving the gym. This will not only ensure you’re not dehydrated by replacing the water lose through sweat, but also will help to flush out the build up of lactic acid, keep your muscles and tissue hydrated and ensure swellings stays to a minimum.

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