By Jessie Leventhal

Whether you are an avid outdoor cycler looking for a more temperature-controlled option or haven’t been on a bike in ages but want to switch up your cardio routine, give spinning a try.

Not sure what spinning is? Well, it’s an indoor cycling class led by an instructor who takes you through speed drills and up hills all set to inspiring music that will make you want to break out your classic (and extraordinarily embarrassing) dance moves. And because you set your own resistance and speed, it really is ideal for all fitness levels (just let your instructor know if you’re a beginner). Even esteemed (and, dare we remind you, fit) celebs like Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank are fans! You’ll leave the class drenched in sweat (we can usually wring out our clothing, which sounds gross but is really very gratifying) and more fit than you were a mere 45 minutes before.

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Okay, okay, so spinning certainly isn’t new in fitness, but many women we’ve spoken with have yet to try it out. And you know what we say to that? What are you waiting for?!

It’s not just about your legs…

So, spin is classically a cardio workout – and it should be. But if you’re looking for a strength training routine, you can find that too. Some spinning studios (like Soul Cycle) offer classes that incorporate hand weights or resistance bands so you can get an upper body workout too. Not available near you? Turn up that resistance to make the workout more about muscle engagement and less about endurance and mimic push-up movements on your handle bars.

Thing to keep in mind…

Your experience will depend on the music playlist and the enthusiasm of your instructor, so try to read reviews or talk to other spin lovers for some tips on classes/instructors near you.

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How to find a class near you…

If you’re in a major US city, spinning studios are pretty prevalent. We love the classes at Soul Cycle, FlyWheel and Equinox ourselves but, if you click here to find a spin class near you, you can find a studio near you just by entering your zip code!

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