Dubbed the “New Giselle,” Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro is the newest face of Maybelline and part of the iconic brand’s new roster of young and gorgeous A-list spokesmodels. And while this Brazilian stunner certainly has the beauty chops (in addition to her new Maybelline gig she’s appeared on numerous runways, starred in a plethora of advertising campaigns and has been seen on the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Cosmo Girl, Glamour and, most recently, on the cover of International ELLE), it’s her impressively fit bikini-ready body that had us wanting to pick her (fit) brain.

10 Supermodel Fitness Tips

Eat Well. Eating well is the probably the most important tip. Training without a balanced, healthy diet won’t get you anywhere.

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Get Intense. Don’t be scared to train hard at high intensity. For me, it is all about challenging my body. Try the rowing machine. It’s great for your back, shoulders and arms – and it is also a great cardio exercise.

Use Your Body. Master working with your own body weight before adding weight to an exercise!

Be Unstable. Decreasing stability is a great way to make exercises more challenging. For example, try push-ups with your hands on stability ball or stand on one leg while doing arm weights.

How to do a perfect push-up!

Brazilian Butt. Squats are really great for the butt – which I love – but it is very important to make sure to use proper posture. See how to do the perfect squat here!

Core Strength. Do sit ups and back extensions using a stability ball as well as planks and side planks for a strong core and flat stomach.

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Capoeira. I love to do Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts and dance class as well as kickboxing for whole body conditioning. It’s fun and very high energy.  I usually go at least 3-4 times a week for sessions and classes with my trainer, Alex Verga.

Cool Down. I always remember cool down and stretch for maximum body recovery.

Hydrate. Don’t forget to Drink lots of water, coconut water is amazing for hydration.

Enjoy. Most of all, remember to just have fun. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand…  My favorite thing to do when I can’t bear the gym but need to get off of the couch is to turn on the music and turn up the heat in the apartment by dancing to my favorite Brazilian tunes!

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Photography Credit: Kenneth Willardt

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