By Amanda Russell 

We know that choreographing your schedule can be a bit of an art. Everyone is jam-packed! From long work hours and social plans to everyday life tasks…and if you have kids, well, enough said.

Although we always preach that even the busiest people can make time to prioritize a workout, there are some days when it just cannot physically happen. That being said, here are a few quick exercises that take virtually no extra time out of your schedule and require no equipment or space. These are the ‘better than nothing’ exercises to do on those days when a designated workout, even a 20 minute quickie is just not possible. They hit all 3 major zones: legs, arms and torso. So, rather than beating yourself up, or throwing in the towel completely, try to squeeze in one or all of these exercises.

Aim for 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions, but really, anything is better than nothing!

To Firm Your Legs…

When: While on the phone at home, or in the office, washing dishes, doing laundry, watching TV or your kids at the park.

Plié Squats: Point your toes outwards and take a wide stance. Slowly bend your knees in the direction of your toes. Once you can no longer see your toes, slowly stand up. While plié squats are more graceful than regular squats, give them a pass if your work attire includes a skirt.

At the playground? Try this workout!

To Tone Up Those Arms…

When: Before you jump into the shower in the morning

Standing Push Ups: Lean on a sturdy piece of furniture or the wall and slowly push your body off of it in a sort of standing push up.

How to do the perfect pushup!

To De-Stress…

When: Anytime you get a chance to sit throughout the day!

Back twist. Sit up straight in your chair and place your right arm behind your right hip. Twist to the right and hold. Alternate sides.

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