The Ultimate Gift Guide for The Fitness Girl

By Alix Turoff

Still looking for that perfect gift for the super fit girl in your life? Look no further! These fitness focused finds are so original that you’re bound to find SOMETHING on this list that she doesn’t already have. Regardless if you’re buying for a gym bunny, a pavement pounder or an at-home-in-PJs type of exerciser, we’ve got you covered.

If she likes to exercise at home… SURGE by Hedstrom Fitness ($179.95)
The SURGE is an exercise tube that the user can fill with water to offer a dynamic-fluid resistance workout. The water creates an unbalanced condition that forces the core to adapt to control the SURGE. This dynamic resistance hits muscles that you didn’t even know you have! Depending on how much water you add, the SURGE weighs anywhere from 10-65 pounds and comes with a DVD that walks you through a number of programs to help you achieve functional strength, strong joints and better posture.

If she’s always on a cleanse… 14 day Tiny Tea Teatox ($35)
We all have the one friend who’s always trying the latest juice cleanse or detox. But has she tried a TEAtox?…We didn’t think so. This is perfect for anyone because it doesn’t require you to cut out any meals or eat some crazy restrictive diet (which makes us happy!). All you have to do is drink 3 cups of tea per day, 30 minutes prior to your meals for 14 days. The tea works to eliminate bloating caused by water detention and poor digestion, give you a major boost of energy and leave you with clear, glowing skin!

For the girl who can’t put down her iPhone… C9 for Target by Champion Tech Touch Knit Gloves ($16.99)
We’re definitely not one’s to judge a girl who’s just a litttttleee bit addicted to her technology. One of the most frustrating thing about winter for outdoor exercisers is getting a really bad song on shuffle and not being able to skip to the next track without taking off your gloves. That’s why we love these tech touch knit gloves! They come with little sensors on the finger tips so that you can change your song without your hands freezing over!

If she’s an early riser or a night owl… Amphipod Xinglet ($29.95)
You can’t run outside in the early morning or late evening hours without some kind of reflective gear. Obviously, we’re in love with this neon pink version of a standard running vest. It’s adjustable so it can easily fit over her layers and it’s super light so it won’t weigh her down. Not only is it 40% more reflective than your standard running vest but it’s also 100% more fun!

If she’s a yogi… Alex and Ani Om Wrap Bracelet ($58)
Yogi’s often chant “om” during their practice to help them place themselves within the greater universe. Om is a sound that resonates throughout the body straight through to the soul. Wearing this bracelet will remind her of her practice and help ground her whenever she looks at it. It comes in a Russian Gold or Russian Silver finish so whether she’s more of a gold or silver girl, you’ll be all set.

If she’s a Paleo girl… Is That Paleo Tank ($26.99)
In this day and age, there’s pretty much always at least one girl in every group of friends who practices Crossfit and follows a paleo lifestyle. She probably also gets mercilessly made fun of by the rest of the group whenever they share dinner or when she’s posting pictures of her latest PR on instagram. Gift her with this pink “Is That Paleo?” tank  to let her know it’s all out of love!