Stop Making These New Year’s Resolutions

Year after year the same New Year’s resolutions are made over and over again.

Often by the same people, year after year.

And we’re over it.

Not only are these New Year’s resolutions shitty because of their focus on what’s wrong (and here at TheBeautyBean we know that the best goals come from places of self-love), they also set you up for failure — and we’re not into that…

So please.

We beg you.

As you usher in the New Year, resolve not to make any of these shitty New Year’s resolutions.

We promise you’ll thank us later.

Resolution #1: To Lose Weight

Why it’s shitty: Because your weight is nothing more than your gravitational pull towards the center of the earth and, well, it says nothing (repeat: NOTHING) about your health, wellness, sexiness, beauty, etc…

The resolution you should make instead: to treat your body with love and respect. This means feeding it well, exercising it often, and being kind to it. It means more vegetables, more movement, and more self-love. It means cookies sometimes and guilt never.

Resolution #2: To Workout Every Day

Why it’s shitty: Because you’re setting yourself up for failure. Even professional athletes take days off! Don’t set an impossible to stick with goal that will inevitably leave you falling short, feeling guilty, and giving up.

The resolution you should make instead: to listen to your body. Some days your body may be craving a kick-ass 90 minute spin class, or it could want a short walk around the block with your BFF, or it could need to chill out on the couch. Your body does a pretty great job of telling you what it needs, you just need to listen.

Resolution #3: To Quit Sugar/Fat/Butter/Coffee…

Why it’s shitty: Both because cutting entire ingredient groups is nearly impossible (without going crazy, anyway!) and because life is too short to never have a cupcake or latte again.

The resolution you should make instead: To eat more fruit and vegetables. Focus on the things you want to eat more of and you’ll naturally “crowd out” the things you want to eat less of, without going crazy or feeling deprived.

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