Thigh Exercises: 3 Exercises For Toned Thighs

3 Thigh Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

By Liz DiAlto

Like most women, we’re in pursuit of tight, toned thighs.

No, not in pursuit of a #ThighGap (heck, mermaid legs are our jam!), but rather in pursuit of strong legs capable of carrying us everywhere we want to go.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity (yup, walking to work counts!) these three exercises can get you one strong step closer to the thighs you desire!

3 Thigh Exercises For Toned Legs

Lateral Step Ups

Position yourself with your right foot directly next to a step, bench or chair (should be anywhere from 16-24” off the ground depending on your balance). Place your right foot in the middle of the step, toes pointing forward, step up, bring the left foot up to meet the right, then step down with the left and bring the right foot down to meet the left.  If you have strong legs and good balance, you can load these thigh exercises with dumb bells, and/or try raising the left knee instead of bringing it onto the step next to the right.  Perform 15 reps on each leg, repeat exercise 3-4x.

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Reverse Crossover Lunge

This exercise is basically a curtsey.  You’re going to stand up straight, feet together, shoulders pulled back and down away from your ears to begin.  Instead of stepping straight back like a regular lunge, you will step your right foot back at an angle, crossing the left foot (again-think of a curtsey here), lunge down, then come back to starting position.  Alternate legs. Feel free to add dumb bells for extra load and a challenge.  Perform 15 reps on each side, for a total of 30, repeat exercise 3-4x.

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Supine Leg Extension

You’ll need a 5-10 lb dumb bell depending on how strong your legs are.  Lay a mat as if you are going to do sit ups.  Prop yourself up on your elbows.  It’s important here to have good form, make sure your shoulders are relaxed and not scrunched up by your ears.  Your core muscles should be engaged, back is straight and you will hold the dumb bell between your feet, knees bent.  From this position, extend from the knees only (no movement from the hips) and lower.  Weight should not touch the ground between reps. Perform for 15 reps, repeat exercise 3-4x.

These thigh exercises work well performed in a tri-set, which means do one set of each, (like a mini circuit), take a short rest and repeat 3-4x.

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