Travel Tips: How To Pack For Fitness + Stay Fit On The Run

How To Pack For Fitness + Actually Workout When Traveling

By Andrea Wise

Traveling can definitely throw a wrench into anyone’s workout routine.

Throw in the stress of family time or the calling of the beach/city/spa/whatever else is at your destination and, well, your usually on-point workout routine is likely to take a back seat.

The solution is to pack for fitness, to commit to a shorter workout (it will be easier to stick with!), and to stay consistent no matter where your travels take you.

Here are a few ‘go-to-no-fail’ ideas that will keep you traveling in fit style.

Step 1: Pack For Fitness

In your suitcase, pack a jump rope and a resistance band. They are small enough to fit in your workout shoes and will have a huge impact on your ability to sweat.

No gym – no problem! Staying in a place with a gym? Even better! You’ll have extra tools to use during your sweat session when the cardio equipment is occupied (or, worse yet, saddled with an “out-of-order” sign).

Short on time? Do whatever you can whether that means 8 minutes or 48 minutes. Consistency is KEY!

Step 2: Commit To A Quick Workout

With your fitness tools in tow, you can complete this full-body workout anywhere from the beach to your hotel room. 

Tight on time? Complete 1 round. Have a bit more free time? Complete multiple rounds if you have time to spare.



Complete additional rounds based on your spare time.