By Alexis Wolfer


Whether you’re training for a triathlon or not, time in the pool this summer is on all of our to-do lists. And while pool workouts are extremely effective (and cool, pun intended), not all of us are the best of swimmers – or have taken a swim lesson in years, maybe even decades. Gloria Safar, the author of Triathlon for Girls Like Us, however, has us all covered with some swimming tips for the novice and pro, alike!


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If it’s been a while since you’ve done more than take a quick dip on the steps…

Begin by relaxing in the water by doing some playful activities. Try doing some breathing exercises, exhaling under water and floating in different positions until you’re more comfortable.

Trying to swim on top of the water can waste a lot of energy. Instead, try to relax and allow yourself to float at your natural point of buoyancy, focusing on pushing yourself through the water.

Like with any exercise routine, start a swimming session with a warm up and finish with a cool down.

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If you are, in fact, training for the triathlon…

Open water swim, with lots of other people, can be a source of anxiety, so be sure to practice in race-like conditions (even consider inviting some friends to swim in the lane with you at the pool so you can get used to sharing your space).

Keep your kick light to save your legs for the bike and run.

Roll from the hips equally to both sides to decrease drag, get more power from each stroke and make alternate breathing easier.

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