By Alexis Wolfer

No woman wants what we like to call “wings” – you know, the flappy skin that hangs underneath your arms. Unfortunately, toning those triceps is tricky since they aren’t muscles we typically use throughout the day. Instead, we need to tighten our triceps with exercises that specifically target those pesky under-arm muscles that keep our arms looking their best in spring’s sleeveless styles.

A sleeveless dress that will take you through fall!

Sara Haley, Reebok Global Instructor, Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Consultant, has stepped up to help us tone our triceps with three exercises that will have us confidently baring all come tank top time! And all the moves are ones you can do in the comfort of your own home! No pricey gym membership needed here!

If you are looking to join a gym, make sure you ask these questions first!

Here, Sara’s 3 Targeted Tricep Trimmers

1)     Pocket Push: Lying on your chest, place your palms on your booty as if you were putting your hands in your back pockets.  Elbows should be bent.  Keeping the core engaged (squeeze your abs) flip the palms away from your body and extend the arms as if you were pushing something away.  Add light free weights as needed.

2)     Tricky Dips: All you need is yourself and something to sit on (chair, couch, table).  Take a seat on the edge of your chair.  Place your hands at your sides with your fingertips pointing away from the chair.  Walk your feet away from the chair, keeping your booty right at the edge (but not touching) the chair.  The further you walk your feet away from the chair the more challenging the exercise will be (just remember to keep your booty close to the chair).  Bending at the elbows slowly lower your entire body closer to the floor and then extend all the way back up working to fully extend the elbows.  Remember to keep your shoulders pressing down away from your ears the entire time.  Work your way up to doing this exercise with only one foot on the floor or only one arm on the chair.

3)     Knock on the Door: Standing tall place both hands on your ears as if you were trying to block out noise.  Extend arms out on the angle knocking on a door in front of you.  Repeat and bring hands higher on the head just above the ears and extend straight out on the angle.  Repeat one more time bringing hands just above the head and then extending straight up.  Add light free weights as needed.

2 more arm exercises you can do at home!