Military workouts usually have us thinking of muddy outdoor bootcamps with drill sergeants (aka instructors) who fall somewhere between Jillian Michaels and Jack Bauer (yes, we know he’s fictional) on the brutality scale…on a good day. Needless to say, when we hear “military” we (usually) say “pass.”

It’s not that we don’t have the utmost respect for the physical training required of our service men and women (because we most definitely do!), it’s just that we know that we’re not trained for it (and by that we mean “cut out for it”) and prefer our workout motivation to come with positivity, encouragement and a smile (a la Lacey Stone, Amanda Russell and Liz DiAlto), rather than with a snide remark and tears. (Yeah, those tears would be ours.)

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Needless to say, when we first heard about the TRX workout using suspension training (developed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, out of parachute webbing, as a way for him and his comrades to stay fit on covert missions), we were scared. Very. Scared. Heck, if it’s keeping our military’s finest Navy SEALs in tip-top shape, how could we possibly even attempt a TRX workout?

Well, ladies, that’s the beauty of the TRX workout system.

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Not only is it fully (and easily) adjustable to accommodate any – and we mean any – fitness level, but also by using your own body weight, the TRX workout is actually a great way to get a totally body workout with just a single piece of equipment – meaning that gym membership of yours just become optional, at best.

We tried the TRX suspension at Nimble Fitness in New York City with top TRX workout trainer, William Arufat. And while it may just be his infectious positivity and over-the-top encouragement (apparently he got the memo on our motivation style!) that made us feel like we could conquer the world, TRX was (a very sweaty) no-sweat.

We learned to use our body weight for resistance and leverage, to adjust our center of gravity for more or less stability and to configure the TRX workout system for different exercises. We saw how just a single step forward or backward could take an exercise from piece-of-cake to you-gotta-be-kidding. We saw that anyone could do it. We saw that we could do it.

The best part: the TRX workout is available in any format that works for your workout motivation style, schedule and location. Prefer a class setting? Gyms like Nimble Fitness in New York City offer group TRX workout classes. Personal training more your speed? No problem! Click here to find a TRX workout trainer near you. Like exercising at-home, when traveling or outdoors? Yup, you can do all of that with the at-home TRX Pro Kit workout system too!

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