Why You Actually Do NEED That Massage

Want To Get Fit, Faster? You Need A Massage.

If you’re like most of us here at TheBeautyBean, you think of a massage as the ultimate luxury. It’s an indulgence. A splurge. Something saved for special occasions.

But it turns out, we’re wrong.

Well, if we want to get the most bang for our buck in the gym anyway.

A new study shows that “massage increases the percentage of regenerating muscle fibers,” meaning (for all us science-novices!) that massage helps our bodies to more efficiently and effectively rejuvenate our muscles post-workout to accelerate overall healing (AKA muscle building) so we can get fit, faster!

And, no, apparently it’s not enough to save a massage for those rare times we push our bodies to their edge (hi there marathon runners!). Rather, in order to increase our fitness and make our workouts as beneficial as possible, we need to give our muscles some regular TLC.

Hoping that the sporadic rub-down will work retroactively to help repair and heal our bodies from the ghosts of workouts past? Unfortunately, the study also found that immediate massage was more effective than massage delayed 48 hours for promoting tissue regeneration and reducing fibrosis.”

So what’s a fitness-fan to do? Get a massage, girl!

Tight on funds? Click here for DIY massage you can do at home for about $5.

Want to indulge? Download Zeel (it’s an app) and order a massage in as little as an hour – right to your door!

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