By Alix Turoff

There is a new workout causing quite the buzz among fitness enthusiasts. Created by Natasha Linton, NYC based personal trainer recognized by the National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum as a “Top Rising Star in Personal Training,” Peak 20 is a total body workout program that is guaranteed to get you into tip-top shape in just 20 minutes per day, for 6 weeks. Focusing on strength, core conditioning and cardio to help you get results fast, Natasha’s Peak 20 and is perfect for busy girls like our Beauty Bean readers who have better things to do than spend two hours in the gym.

Another way to cut time (not results) at the gym!

We’re here to give you the scoop on Natasha’s workout so you can get started toward your goal, whether it’s to tone up or just get healthy!

5 Reasons to Train with Natasha:

It saved so much time! We traded in our usual 60 minutes of cardio and additional weight training for a compact 20 minute total body workout.

It never gets boring! Natasha switches the workout up every session, combining different multi joint exercises and varying the cardio sprints to keep things interesting.

No fancy equipment or pricy gym membership necessary! All you need is a mat and a set of dumbbells. We completed the workout on a beautiful NYC playground.

It works up a sweat! Natasha stresses that, to be successful, you should not break in between exercises. She laments over trainers who allow clients to sit around in between sets (we know, it’s our favorite part too!). The key is to keep moving! While this workout is short, it’s not for slouches, be prepared to break a sweat!

Natasha kept it fun! She had us jumping, squatting, curling and lunging all with a smile on our face. She even made push-ups fun (is that possible?!) by having us raise one leg at a time which actually worked to keep our mind busy.

You can do it virtually! If you’re not in NYC (or don’t have the funds for a personal trainer), tune in to watch Natasha on her Internet network that provides audience members with 1-on-1 training. See the Peak 20 website for a schedule or sign up for online coaching where, after a fitness assessment, Natasha will personalize a workout to suit your needs, track your progress weekly and be accessible to you via email and phone.

Fight muscle adaptation!

Create your own exercise program based on Natasha’s 3 Keys to an effective workout:

Tone with heavy weight, high repetitions: Swap the 3 pound weights in favor of 8 pounds. Natasha stresses that the way to see quick results is to go with heavier weights and more repetitions. She assured us that we would not bulk up as we are often led to believe.

Interval train: The key to quick results is interval training. Alternate between cardio and weights to keep the heart rate up and burn fat effectively.

Do multi-joint exercises: Don’t waste time isolating one muscle at a time. Instead, Natasha gave us exercises that target multiple muscle groups at the same time (like a squat press which hones in on the legs as well as the shoulders). Killing two birds with one stone has never saved so much time.

Work your abs and arms at the same time!

Keep it up for 6 weeks and you’ll be good to go for a trip to the beach!