Hula Hoop Your Way To Fitness With Hoopnotica

By Genna Revitz

If joining a gym, going out for a run or, well, doing anything that even loosely resembles exercise makes you want to vomit (don’t worry, we’re not judging – and you’re not alone), we’re about to give you something to shake your hips about – literally.

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What is Hoopnotica: Hoopnotica is a hula-hoop based workout class that is equal parts cardio burning and core chiseling, all using a childhood toy! Think of it as the exercise equivalent of a 1-hour bootcamp designed to tighten up those glutes, reveal your rock hard 6-pack and get your heart rate pumping, without the yelling, screaming and mini-panic attack that accompanies a hard-core workout.

Why we love Hoopnotica: Any workout that feels more like fun and less like fitness gets an A+ in our book. So, reconnect with your inner child (you know, the one who enjoyed recess and playing outside), get your hips shaking, and reveal that banging body of yours. Hey, even Gisele will envy your abs!

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Where you can do Hoopnotica: Hoopnotica classes are available across the country. Click here to find a Hoopnotica class near you.

How to DIY Hoopnotica: Hoopnotica is also taught from a DVD, so there is no hassle of getting to the gym, no weather interfering with your workout and no drill sergeant is there blowing a whistle in your face while sweat drips from your forehead as you gasp for air! Instead, you can break a sweat – and your moves – in the comfort of your own home.  Click here to buy the Hoopnotica DVD.

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Photography Credit: Hoopnotica

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