By Jessie Leventhal

What it is: Masala Bhangra is an Indian dance workout designed to get you in shape, Bollywood-style! Feel like a Bollywood-esque rockstar as you dance your way fit in this class that combines Bollywood and Bhangra dance movements, all with a Latino and Arabic twist. Bottom line: by the time you leave class, you will have felt like you just attended the most festive Indian wedding – and were lucky enough to call it a workout too.

Why we love it: Masala Bhangra is a cardiovascular workout that will get your heart racing and your soul shaking! This enthralling workout will force you to step outside your usual zone of comfort, entering an unexplored culture of dance and exercise, all while you pretty much have the most fun you can possibly have while exercising. Think of it like the Indian take on Zumba and, well, you’ll know why we’re not “sari” we stumbled on this new workout routine.

Get Zumba-ing too!

How it got started: After being in the field of fitness for over 20 years, Sarina Jain, America’s first cross-cultural fitness star, merged two of her passions, Indian culture and fitness, to create a way to get fit, festively, with Masala Bhangra. And, well, we trust Jain to teach us a few moves (and maybe even a few Indian recipes – if we’re lucky)!

Make yourself a post-workout Indian meal! Click here for a healthy Indian recipe!

Where to do it: Find a class near you by clicking here and your eyes out for Masala Bhangra Bollywood Dance events too!

DIY it:  Order one of Sarina Jain’s incredible workout DVDs and CDs or just download some Indian music and dance your way fit in your own living room!

An Indian skincare secret we’re sharing too!

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