By Jessie Leventhal

What it is: Piloxing is a combination of lengthening and core-strengthening Pilates, heart-pounding and toning boxing and high-energy dance – AKA a core-burning and muscle-tightening total-body workout that is to leave you feeling energized and empowered (and temporarily exhausted!). Though this class will certainly whip your (soon to be toned) tush into shape, it will also provide you with a fun and innovative workout perfect for when you need to mix it up.

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Why we love it: Piloxing is not only a serious cardiovascular challenge, but also an all around, total body workout that will improve your speed, stamina and flexibility while boosting your energy too!

How it got started: Swedish Native Viveca Jensen created piloxing to empower women both physically and mentally. Jensen grew up performing on countless stages as a dedicated dancer and she knew that by adding in pilates to her already challenging dance practice, her unique workout would be an empowering experience for women of all ages and sizes. Jensen’s motto: “Sleek, Sexy, Powerful” – need we say more?!

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Where to do it: Click here for Piloxing locations near you!

DIY it: Buy a Piloxing DVD or  watch this brief video to get some tips from Jenson to try at home.

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