Workout Routines To Try: Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes For Fitness

By Chirssy Fink

What it is: Battle ropes are the newest (fun!) way to strengthen, tone and interval train. Available in different lengths and weights (ships could tie up to dock with these babies), these heavy polyester ropes have recently been seen popping up in Boot Camps, CrossFit garages and gyms – and for good reason!

Whether you train with one as short as a jump rope (imagine jumping rope 100 times with a heavy rope! Ouch!) or as long as the length of a gymnasium, weighing up to 75 pounds, it’s no wonder Professional Football Teams have been using them in their training programs for some time now.

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Why we love it: Battle ropes allow you to get both a total body workout all at once and to target specific areas, with just one piece of equipment. Plus, you can get an amazing cardiovascular workout too – all the while battling out your stress at the same time.

Where to try it: Many CrossFit garages, Boot Camps and gyms now have Battle Ropes for your use – or offer classes which show you how to use them.

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How to DIY it: Battle Ropes move in waves, so take your time getting used to the movement. If you’re starting with a lighter/shorter rope, try to jump rope. If you’re using a long, heavy one, though, hold on to the ends of the rope with both hands lifting your arms above head and back down to create waves. Depending on the power and speed of your arms, you can squat, jog or jump side to side all while the ropes are moving. Whatever way you decide to get the ropes off the ground, you’ll be getting that heart rate up and a good sweat on. Want to buy your own Battle Ropes? Click here!

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